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How Shopify Became The Top E-commerce Platform Introduction

How Shopify Became The Top E-commerce Platform Introduction

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How Shopify Became The Top E-commerce Platform Introduction

In today’s day and age, almost every person gets their information from general websites and blogs, and for this, WordPress is the undisputed king, no one comes near their thrones, to be fair, no one is trying very much. But the E-Commerce websites and platforms are a whole different ball game — Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Etsy and quite far ahead from others.

But their mod of business is different, there are stores between a store, and many people don’t go their way because it doesn’t showcase the identity of their business.

Many people like to maintain a different entity for their business and online store. For this purpose in mind, a German-Canadian, Tobias Lutke, and his friend Scott Lake decided on building a new platform to sell their warehouse products and keep there and the identity of their products intact. They got capital of $500,000 at the start of their venture, some from their family and friends, and come from angel investors, and they launched Shopify in 2006.

Their start was a silent one because the buzz around the E-Commerce world was starting to gain traction.

At the end of 2007, smartphones were becoming a dime a dozen, 3G came, and online sales become normal. Total E-Commerce sales reached $170 Billion in 2010. This opened the floodgates for new entrants in the E-Commerce business, and Shopify provided them with a completely customizable store with their own brand identity.

Shopify gathered a lot of new E-Commerce entrants and made Shopify their home. Once they were on board with Shopify, they never to another platform.

The one that makes them the best in the business is, with them, even a non-tech person can have a go. They work on a subscription-based service, with a monthly package where you can have all the services for a specific cost per month, and you don’t have to worry about any overhead charges.

Below are some of the features that make from different and better than anyone else in the E-Commerce Platforms business:

  • Highly Customizable Features – Due to its bevy of customizability, it provides everything for everybody, you can have your design, you can use your payment system, and everything related to your business is available in their store. This makes them top in E-Commerce in terms of customization.
  • Great Shipping Systems – Most of the people coming into the E-Commerce business get annoyed because of the high shipping and drop shipping rates, and they can’t compete with the big guns in this regard. Shopify has made it their headache and made it extremely easy for Businesses to get it done and focus on other stuff.
  • Online and Call Service – Once a company gets large enough, it loses its focus on customer service, reads Facebook, but Shopify properly does this.
  • Great Store Development Options ­– Just like WordPress, there are free themes and paid themes on Shopify. And just like WordPress, it is as easy to create your store on Shopify. You can select any theme that you fit for your Store. There are thousands of items to choose from.