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Resource Outsourcing

Resource Outsourcing

Master your strengths, outsource your weaknesses

Outsourcing Software Solutions

You delegate responsibility for all or part of software development activities to a vendor when you outsource software development. It compensates for a lack of internal resources or experience in intended to facilitate your company’s development and digital transformation efforts. Today, organizations all over the world deal with software outsourcing companies to have access to experienced software engineers with a variety of tech expertise ranging from user experience design to blockchain consulting.

Simply said, outsourcing software developers enables businesses to produce high-quality software at a lower cost. Software outsourcing businesses like HA-Technologies are experienced development partners ready to supply trustworthy and custom software solutions, from clever adaptation of pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom solutions.

Team As A Service?

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

The demand for organizations to be flexible and responsive in the constantly-changing global economy is stronger than ever. However, there is a risk that putting additional work on your employees’ shoulders can result in burnout and greater stress. One option is to hire temporary workers. Using Teams as a Service is one approach to achieve this.

Our teams of experts have collaborated on projects for A-rated businesses for many years. However, their prices are really reasonable. HA-Technologies designed a real estate ERP software that integrates, streamlines, and automates all real estate business activities. With a particular emphasis on property management.

We’ve experienced ICT entrepreneurs who know how to identify the right individuals and partners. Our partner companies and we have developed a strong working connection.

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Project As A Service?

Our goal is to create business value

Companies that have embarked on extremely difficult projects are frequently trapped. When internal human resources are unable to effectively manage projects, one very essential question always arises. Is it possible that they may outsource the entire project? That concept is, of course, challenging in itself though.

You will pay a fixed amount to a project manager to execute the project while keeping your current team engaged for internal work if you outsource projects. You can probably end up employing a true talent if you outsource a project. There are many companies out there that are very competent and will be able to provide you with exceptional services, and one of them is HA-Technologies.

HA-Technologies is efficiently complete your projects with complete requirements within the time frame.

There are three main models to work with

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Staff Augmentation

Expert software engineers collaborate on your projects with your own team. These outsource developers will cooperate your current team remotely, until the project is completed.
Dedicated Teams new

Dedicated Teams

It showcases skill who is in charge of the entire development project. This option provides a management structure that includes general supervision of workflow and responsibilities.
Full Process Outsourcing new

Full Process Outsourcing

Your partner firm manages the whole development process, from defining specifications to assigning workflow, creating timeframes, and conducting QA testing.
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Benefits of Outsourced vs. In-house Development

We aspire to create value for business

If you’re unsure whether software development outsourcing is the best fit for your firm, evaluate the timeline for your project, your internal talents and resources, your budget, and the dangers associated with your line of work.

The Stages of Our Outsourcing Service

Analysis Of Initial Request and Goals
We respond to your request for information (RFI) or request for proposal (RFP) and develop a customized proposal for our services according to your goals.
Choose appropriate outsourcing model
Executives must evaluate their internal capabilities realistically. This will help them decide if they need personnel augmentation or a delivery team to hire our services.
Knowledge & Responsibility Transfer
We will design a negotiation model and, following discussion, deploy our services to integrate into your existing procedures, if any, and proceed with any necessary responsibility transfers.
Service Delivery
We will deliver our services of Web designing and development, Digital Marketing, Graphics Designing, Cloud and Hosting, and Quality Assurance, according to your needs.
Service Evolution
We make quarterly recommendations for prospective changes to development and QA operations, which we then put into action.

What to Look for in a Software Outsourcing Partner in the Nearshore

Building a network for the smartest people

Your software outsourcing company should be able to:

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