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Real Estate ERP


Real Estate Architecture and Development ERP

About Read ERP?

READ ERP is an ERP software designed especially for the real estate industry to integrate, streamline, and automate all real estate business processes. With a discrete focus on property management, READ ERP comprises a set of modules that helps in collecting and managing the flow of information between various sections of their companies. Real estate ERP Software has upgraded reporting capabilities and real-time data. To streamline real estate business operations, it compiles data from around the company into a centralized repository, from which hundreds of reports can be generated.

Our READ ERP software provides a customizable guide to your real estate problems so that your business grows with ultimate ease.

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READ ERP software has become extremely important for businesses to stay relevant, competitive, and profitable. Businesses all around the world are increasingly utilizing technological solutions as a means to structure their operations as time goes on. One significant depiction of this can be found in Real estate ERP Software. As a result of the rise of digitalization and globalization, businesses need to be quick, more efficient, productive, and of course, at the end of the day, profitable. Specialized Real Estate ERP software can assist a company in meeting the needs of these aspects of doing business.

In particular, Real Estate ERP Software facilitates better administration, increased operational efficiency, and a more conducive framework for communication between clients and property owners for agencies.

What makes READ ERP stands out is that:


property management-08

Property Management

Property Management software works to organize and automate the everyday tasks and responsibilities of real estate owners. The real Estate industry goes hand in hand with property management
human resource managemnt-07

Human Resource Management

Every Real Estate Company needs an efficient team of employees to carry out various tasks. HRM Software helps in the process of managing people in the company in a structured and thorough manner.
Supplier Management-09

Supplier Management

Supplier Management software helps your company with all the tools it needs to manage supplier information, relationships and performance, and drive more value across the company.
bookings management-02

Bookings Management

In the real estate business, booking properties or any available unit is a day-to-day task of the company. Managing it manually can be very hectic and time taking.
Account and finance

Accounts & Finance

The real estate business deals with a lot of money inflow and outflow. To keep track of all of the movement, Accounting, and Finance software is used.

Customer Relation Management

CRM is a category of data-driven software solutions that improve how you interact with your customers. Customer dealing is the backbone of every real estate business.

Steps Involved


Consultation with the client helps to streamline the process and assits us a gain an insight into all the aspects of the ERP as per company’s requirement.


Modules are executed, and all the procedures are put in place to test the new way of work, to understand its uses and loopholes.


Conduct special training sessions for the users to help them get an insight into the tools of the modules for better working of the software.


Work on the feedback and improve the loopholes to support the working of the software, and look for innovation to upgrade the software.


Set the foundation stone and plan every step beforehand to keep you informed.
Furnish the ERP software and compose the administrative settings as per your needs.
Create a business process model to understand which module best fits your objectives.
Execute all the tools of the module to manage and automate your day-to-day task.
Review & Training
Train the users to help them understand all the aspects of the ER, and extract feedback to review the software.


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