Most Website developers and SEO Experts focus only on the two areas of the SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO, but in fact, there is a third area of SEO, and that is as important as the other two areas of SEO, which is the Technical SEO and its audit.

While the on-page SEO focuses on the content, keywords optimization, and website pages’ content optimization, the off-page focuses on back-linking, link building, and bookmarking. The 3rd area, we are discussing here, refers to the website and server’s health and optimization.

Just like the other areas of Search Engine Optimization, if you regularly do a checkup for Technical SEO, you can keep your website optimized and healthy.

Below are some of the vital steps that you have to do to complete the Technical SEO and its audit:

Search Engine Bots Crawling Check

If your website is filled with great blog posts and content, but if the search engine bots have never crawled on your website, all the content and blogs would be useless. So what do you have to do for the search engines to crawl your site to check the robot.txt file in your search console dashboard? The Search Engine’s robot.txt file tells the search engine which page to crawl and which page should be ignored.

Search Engine Indexing Review

Once you have made sure that search engine bots have crawled all the essential pages of your website, it is necessary to find out if your website’s pages are getting indexed by the search engine. Also, the thing here to keep in mind is, when we talk about the search engine, most of the time, we are referring to Google. And for indexing and indexing check and audit, the best tool that you can use is the Google Search Console. It can provide you with all the necessary search audits, index reviews, and bots audits.

Sitemap Review

The inclusion of a sitemap on the website is a crucial part of the SEO process. The sitemap provides a clear way forward to the crawler as to where they have to crawl and where they don’t need to. The XML format is a proper way to include your sitemap on your website for Google or any other search engines’ bots to crawl your site. Multiple excellent tools provide you with tools that help in adding sitemaps on your website if your website is on WordPress CMS, Yoast SEO is the way to go.

 Duplicate Content Audit

Similar content that is very vital for you on your website would make issues for you. As it becomes difficult for search engines’ bots to differentiate between the original and the duplicate content. There are various tools where you can check for duplicate content on your website. You can do that on Google, too, and you have to type in the search, info:, here the last item on the search page is the duplicate content.

Page Speed Check

Page speed is a vital factor not only for improving SEO but for enhancing the user experience on your website. The main thing that affects the page speed is having un-optimized images and higher server response time.