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Features of ERP software

erp software

Features of ERP software

erp software

Are you looking to improve your business or any departmental performance? The ERP (enterprise resource planning) system is a high data-robust system. The ERP includes automation, analysis, and system integrations. It provides data insights from different sources, including data ledger, accounts receivable, and financial reporting. Human resource management, customer relationship management, and e-commerce companies can gain more benefits from ERP. Most of the ERP software plays an essential role in supply chain management, inventory, and order placement.

It is important to understand what ERP software must have and what the core features of ERP software to select from the sea of bells.

Feature of ERP software

To evaluate ERP software, these features must be paid attention to:


The most beneficial feature of ERP software is that it can be used to share financial, business, and operational data in one central point. The data can easily be shared among different departments of an organization in real time. The integrations convert raw data into reports and insights. HA technologies provide you with the best ERP software with modern features.


The ERP system easily manages repeatable tasks such as payroll, order processing, invoicing, and reporting. The automation in data entry saves time and reduces the chance of errors. The data in the automation system is available for all organizations and can easily be seen by higher authorities.

Data analysis

The ERP software gathers the data in one place and converts it into actions such as insights. The data helps to optimize the operation, reduce or increase costs, 

and serve the customers. The data analysis shows the performance of the business.


Reporting is an essential aspect of data modeling. The ERP module compiles information and converts it into meaningful data. The reporting helps the stakeholders make decisions, enhance business, and identify problems.


Tracking and visibility

One of the interesting features of ERP software is the ability to track and understand business metrics. The tracking and visibility offer a deep insight into the business operations.


The accounting feature of ERP software has the ability to store and maintain the account data. The ERP system helps in tax management, asset management, and determining revenue.

Financial management

Financial management is also a complex task that requires a lot of planning and arranging budgets for different business activities. The ERP helps the financial team manage, track, and report on critical data.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management shows the data of customers. It includes information such as name, contact number, order history, and purchase made by the customer. The CRM sends notifications and order details and manages many other tasks.

Sales and marketing

The ERP software integrates with CRM to help the sales and marketing team by making it easier to sell, generate quotes, and manage commissions. It benefits the marketing team to drive leads and build and execute plans.

Supply chain management

ERP software gives a view of a company’s supply chain management system. It helps by tracking demand, inventory, manufacturing, and distribution process. The ERP helps in setting inventory goals and the distribution of resources.



The latest ERP system helps in the manufacturing of products by assisting in planning, raw material resources, and production monitoring. The other features include assembly management, bill of materials, and order management. The ERP increases productivity by giving true insights.

Human resource management

The ERP software helps as an end-to-end system for employee management. This aspect of ERP handles the hiring, payroll, deductions, compensation, and time management of employees. The HR functions are automated with the ERP software.