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Group 31

Our application comprises notes and materials that are categorized into two portions. One is for beginner’s level and the other is for intermediate level. A person with very little knowledge of chemistry will use the beginner’s portion. This portion includes the basic information and introduction to the subject. In addition, the user will be given an introduction to the chemicals that are commonly used in the field. Knowledge about the small and safe experiments is also added to the application. There are online tutorials that users can watch and a discussion forum where users can post their questions.

In the second portion of the application, there are advanced concepts related to different branches of chemistry i.e. information about chain reactions, advanced chemicals and their interactions with different materials, acid-base titrations, etc.

There is also add to favorite’s option in the application. Users can add any reaction, notes to the favorites section. When needed he can retrieve from the favorite’s folder. There is also a quiz section in the application where the user can assess himself. Further, the user can post any reaction or a selected portion of notes on their social sites. This application is not the substitute of the institution but surely this application fills the large gap of understanding between teachers and the students.

Components of App (i)View Notes (ii)View Chemical Reactions (iii)Quiz System (iv)View Periodic Table  (v)Search Tutorial (vi)Watch Tutorial (vii)Add To favorites (viii)Share On Social (ix)Online Discussion (x)Refresh Application